The Lion King Auditions
The Lion King Auditions

Singers, Actors & Dancers.

Role Descriptions


Adult Simba (Lion)

Simba is edgy, rebellious, attractive, sexy, a Man – Boy with a regal streak.

Height: 5'10"-6'1", 178-186cm
Vocal Range: Tenor

Mufasa (Lion)

Mufasa is stoic, kingly, regal, strong, centred, warm, giving, a teacher, understanding, compassionate.

Height: 6'0"-6'3", 183-191cm
Vocal Range: Bass Baritone

Rafiki (Baboon)

Rafiki is quirky, comic, spiritually-focused, unpredictable, eccentric, a shaman.

Height: 5'6'-5'10", 168-178cm
Vocal Range: Alto/Soprano

Adult Nala (Lioness)

Nala is strong, confident, grounded, attractive, a mature woman for her teenage years, regal.

Height: 5'7"-5'10", 170-178cm
Vocal Range: High Alto Belt

Scar (Lion)

Scar is slender, sleek, wiry, sly, charming, humorous yet dangerous, manipulative, intelligent.

Height: 5'10'-6'2", 178-189cm
Vocal Range: Baritone

Zazu (Hornbill)

Zazu is meticulous, fussy, officious, self-important, a bit eccentric, flighty, pompous.

Height: 5'6"-5'9", 168-176cm
Vocal Range: Tenor

Pumbaa (Warthog)

Pumbaa is a gruff-voiced Warthog with a big, compassionate heart, comic, warm, simple.

Height: 5'10'-6'0", 178-183cm
Vocal Range: Baritone/Tenor

Timon (Meerkat)

Timon has a Napolean complex, tough little guy, over-compensating, wants to be in charge, with a nasal Brooklyn accent.

Height: 5'5"-5'8", 165-173cm
Vocal Range: Baritone/Tenor

Banzai (Hyena)

Banzai is tough, Rock n' Roll, comic, gruff, dangerous yet funny, second in command, unpredictable.

Height: 5'6"-5'10", 168-178cm
Vocal Range: Baritone/Tenor

Ed (Hyena)

Ed is eccentric, comic, physically active and creative; no dialogue, only speaks through laughter and sounds, goofy, empty-headed.

Height: 5'6'-5'10", 168-178cm
Vocal Range: Baritone/Tenor

Shenzi (Hyena)

Shenzi is a Rock n' Roll comic with an edge, Whoopi Goldberg or Rosie Perez, bossy, tough but funny.

Height: 5'6'-5'8", 168-173cm
Vocal Range: Alto


Male: 5'5"–6'2", 165–188cm

Female: 5'3"–5'8", 160cm

The Lion King Auditions